14 Day New Beginnings Smoothie Challenge



You will receive:

14 Day Smoothie Challenge Guide
16 Recipes PLUS Grocery List



  • 3 Day Clean Eating Guide with Recipes and Grocery List
  • Ultimate Smoothie Bar
  • Blender Tips

Did you know that 100% of the sales of the Smoothie Challenge are donated to our chosen charity. To discover more, click here.


My 14 Day New Beginnings Smoothie Challenge is for women just like you that want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Have glowing skin
  • Feel more confident
  • Get rid of any stomach bloat
  • Feel vibrant
  • and so much more

Smoothies are the perfect way to get healthy! They keep you full throughout the entire day. That’s right! No more feeling hungry, no more calorie counting and no more stressful diets!

Let’s face it – these approaches don’t work. I want to set you up for success, and that is exactly what my 14-day smoothie challenge is going to do for you!

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