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To inspire you to define success for yourself and to align your work and life style with that definition. Through the pages of this magazine we share with you the personal stories of women in business from around the world, the challenges they have overcome and challenges they continue to face, the insights they have developed, practical tips, tools and strategies that you can implement to thrive in mind, body, business and life – in your own way.

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Stories from the Hot & Healthy in Business Magazine

28 day decluttering challenge

With Rebecca Seng -  Happy 2019! One of the most popular New Year resolutions made each year is to get more organised. So to get you started I have designed a 28 Day Decluttering Challenge that you can complete to get you on your way to becoming more organised in 2019...

Success as an expat is a journey

With Beverley Burgess -  Hi, my name is Beverley and my life as an expat began on March 9, 2007 when I left Christchurch airport in New Zealand bound for a nursing job in Doha, Qatar. This was not something I had ever thought other than when my daughter was living in...

Protecting your rights, business and your brand

With Tracey Robinson - After many years as a partner of a boutique CBD commercial law firm working with high-profile, ‘big business’ clients, I felt accomplished, yet conflicted. I really enjoyed the problem solving, challenging myself to define solutions, and setting...

Businesswomen just get on with it

So you’ve got a great idea for a business... Wonderful! You’re going to create high-quality widgets or provide an innovative service offer and really WOW your customers... Awesome! You’re going to create a tribe of willing advocates who’ll sing your praises to all...

Where hope organically grows

With Carrie McLean -  Carrie McLean is one tough cookie. Her small business journey has been one hell of a rollercoaster and there’s no way she’s getting off that ride. She is the Director of All Organic Store with the desire to help people and encourage them to be...

Free Facebook Marketing saved my business

With Chantal Gerardy -  I arrived in Australia (from South Africa), to start my life again in 2008. Knowing No-one on the Gold Coast, having no employment and having twins aged 4 and another daughter aged 1, I was in need of growing my business as quickly as possible....

Why expos are your key to small business success

With Paula Brand - Paula Brand is Australia’s prominent Small Business Networker, she’s an Entrepreneur, single Mum, and as the Small Business Expos Founder and CEO she is enabling collaborative marketplaces that produce financial outcomes for small business owners....

Why am I so anxious?

With Alexandra Brewster -  Did you know that up to 40% of Australian women have at some stage of their lives been diagnosed with some type of anxiety or depression? A lot of conditions can be described as an anxiety disorder. But you can be anxious without having been...

Indoor plants

With Renee Bailey -  How can you reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase productivity, extend the time you are able to focus on a task and improve sleep quality all at the same time? The answer is plants, yes plants, those green things we see outside have...

The chemical conspiracy

With Caroline Connolly -  With every passing day, I become increasingly thankful that both myself and my family use organic personal care products. Why? Because evidence is mounting that the synthetic chemicals used in the majority of mainstream body care products are...

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