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Perhaps the real, life-balance should be explained differently than just work versus free time. I believe that the truth I’m about to share here, will turn your statement of, ‘I don’t’ have enough time’, entirely on it’s head!

Let me set some context up front.

So much of our attention is spent thinking, what we’re going to do tomorrow, what we will start next Monday or next month or even for retirement. The problem with this strategy, is that we are wishing our lives away.

Let me restate that, YOU are wishing YOUR life away.

We constantly put things off, things that we know we should do, the things we really want to do. For a rainy day, for when it’s more convenient, for a time that we don’t have to make the effort towards, right now.

Have you ever thought about why we do that?

Why, do we delay achieving the very thing we are making a commitment to starting? It’s crazy right?

We want to change our eating habits and make a decision today, when something is really bothering us, the bad nights sleep, our congested intestines, a splitting headache, the mother of all hangovers…

So why the pause to start?

Because my friend, there is always tomorrow.

We take time for granted. We don’t appreciate each day we have as a finite resource.

Todays discomfort and pain subsides, and secretly we know that by Monday we might be happy(ier) again. So we don’t ‘deprive’ ourselves from the very thing that is causing said pain today.
‘Yippee’, I can go-ahead and have that glass of bubbles today, after all, I don’t have to go without (until perhaps Monday).

I don’t have to miss out (on the brain dumbing, emotionally dulling, body-sabotaging distraction I think I am enjoying today).

What we truly want is contentment and peace.

Have you seen those super happy people, you know like Tamara. Dressed impeccably, she has it all. The amazing high-profile job, the wonderful relationship and gorgeous, intelligent (well behaved) kids. Tamara always looks so damn joyful, CALM, healthy with a constant air of ‘I’ve-got-my-shit-together’.

I used to wonder how on earth she achieved it (especially being a mum). I remember saying to myself ‘it’s ok for her, she’s got the money that pays for all of that ease and happiness’.
Now though, I know the real truth to happiness.

And it has nothing to do with money (in fact depression is as equally high with the affluent and wealthy).

So if money can’t buy calmness how do we get it? I’d bet my left pinky that they learnt their strategies from somebody or a book that taught them the secrets of time management – or the illusion of it.

The great thing about learning powerful new strategies (especially from those that have achieved what you seek), is that they can be applied to all facets of your life.

Knowing life/time, hacks and efficiency formulas, helps you be focused on what’s important in your personal life as well as your career. And that’s why Tamara has time for everything (including the gym).

Statements like these don’t come out of Tamara’s mouth.
» I feel guilty taking 15 minutes out in the evening, just for myself
» I don’t know what to focus on next.
» I’d be ashamed to admit that I am over-whelmed by all that I have to get done
» The stress and toll of my mental-load has an impact of my physical health and/or sleep.
» I have no time for long weekends and holidays because I can’t keep up with the juggle my work, family, role modelling, house work, fitness and other myriad of things on my to-do list
» I can’t afford to invest in knowledge to help me achieve my goals and desires.

Tamara knows and believes that she is in control of her own life. Focused on what SHE wants to accomplish each day, week and in the years ahead.

She’s aware of the time vortex and instead of filling her day with the ‘must be dones’ (usually dictated by others) she CHOOSES what she does and how it aligns with her family, personal and life aspirations.

You see determined mums (like you) and A typers like me, don’t have a SECOND to waste on activities that aren’t directly linked to get stuff ticked off a highly tuned to-do list.

Perhaps if you’ve ever tried creating a bucket list, vision board or life plan before, you know the thoughts of “Well that’s another year gone without achieving my dreams”.

Meanwhile in the tidy home of Tamara, she will be over delivering, exceeding and moving onto her next (seemingly extraordinary) target.

She knows that setting the time aside last new- years-day, of going to the effort of conjuring up her dreams and goals, setting her affirmations and writing her life scripts, were all worthy investments in her process of manifesting and identifying the necessary clear steps to an abundantly happy life.

The other great news is that I’ve learned a few cool time-saving strategies that save me hours a week, and the best part is because you’re a reader of Hot & Healthy Mag I’m happy to share a few with you.

So if your views of clipping out pretty pictures and imagining impossible dreams are for nothing but a dusty poster in the corner of your office with no winning lottery tickets. If the very thought of adding as little as 5 minutes, for a supercharged meditation, to your daily chores is inconceivable, then in my experience, I’ve found that one of four major myths are to blame for your lack of ticking off, rather than adding onto, your to-do list.

I break down those myths for you in this supporting article and show you how to replace them with truly effective approaches and strategies that will not only make it easy to stay on track for your life’s desires, but have you out of your chair with excitement to get started AND create time savings at the same time!

That article also has a link to a life-time calculator, to share exactly how much time you have you have been wasting on the wrong priorities.

You’re welcome!!

But in the meantime here are 3 of my favourite life- hacks to bring more time into your daily life.

When do you think the best time for learning is?
Did you know your brain learns even when you are asleep!
There are many audios and paraliminal or binaural tracks that you can listen to when falling asleep that can be adopted straight into your subconscious allowing a deeper level of integration!
I listen to paraliminals most nights to not only help me get to sleep, but to support whatever it is I want to learn from my day.

Using the time when preparing the evening meal to listen to podcasts or watch informative, educational or self development videos is a fantastic way of removing the drudgery of cooking (if you’re not a fan of the ole kitchen space like me).
Now the preparation time usually isn’t enough for me to watch an inspiring series of ted talks or a full episode of Tim Ferris!

Do you clean the house before the cleaner comes, thinking they will judge you for your dirtiness?
How about putting the clothes washing away, the second you bring it off the line, or take it out of the dryer?
What of drying the dishes immediately after washing them? These are all wasting precious time!
The need to have the house completely ‘clean and tidy’ all the time is bullshit.
As long as things are organised – so you don’t waste time looking for things – you will survive.
Having the clothes folded and available (so you don’t have to waste time ironing them) is sufficient until you need to make a phone call or watch TV and put them away is perfectly acceptable.
Once I knew these secret time savers (and some others I share in the article) and started to apply them, my life got easier, happier and freer. In fact, you may even start to love the free time to start planning and ticking off your bucket list to-do instead.

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