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I arrived in Australia (from South Africa), to start my life again in 2008. Knowing No-one on the Gold Coast, having no employment and having twins aged 4 and another daughter aged 1, I was in need of growing my business as quickly as possible.

But HOW? With small children running around, having no startup capital, no marketing budget, plus the industry I was in (personal trainer) was saturated, HOW was I go to establish my personal branding, stand out and get clients?

The ‘funny’ thing was, I started to use Facebook to keep in contact with my family back home in Durban. But what I soon realised was, that Facebook was a great way to grow your personal profile, increase your brand awareness, connect with people to collaborate with and find clients in your location, without needing to do the ‘footwork’ and without having to spend a cent.

Many business owners on the Gold Coast will remember a moment when they found me in tears, Frustrated, overwhelmed and desperately needing more business income. Investing time in myself to develop my skills and work smarter by creating a Facebook business strategy saved and grew my now businesses.

What happens when you get into business is both exhilarating and hair raising. Exhilarating because you are following your passion and are in control of your destiny. Hair raising because, like many first-time business owners, the buck stops with them. When you are in business for yourself, by yourself, it is up to you to learn and do it on a shoe string budget.

For many newbie business owners, the world of Facebook and other social platforms is like a big dark hole without a bottom. With changing updates and algorithms, it is hard to master the ins and outs, before the next change comes. Considering Whether to do Facebook ads, what to post when and how, and how to generate and convert leads into sales without being pushy.

But there is a solution, especially for those trying to master Facebook for business. It is a simple solution that may surprise many. Show up and be yourself.

Before overthinking every aspect of Facebook, when starting out in business or even if you have been in business a while, go back to basics.

It is easy to fall into the trap of selling to all and sundry. After all, we want people to buy our stuff but despite the distance social media creates, many really do want to forge relationships with the people they do business with. Facebook is great to do that and there are few ways you can use Facebook without having to spend money on ads that will still draw people to you. Facebook can be used organically and for free.


It is time to do a Facebook profile cleanout –update your pro le; banner, profile pic, bio , contact details. How long has it been since you updated your profile pic or your details? The bio section is great place to tell people what you do. While a personal profile is not about doing business, let’s face it, when someone is looking at working with you, they will check out your pro le (stalk you) –give them as much as you can so they can see what type of person you are to see if they want to do business with you.


People do business with people. They do business with people they know, like and trust. This means be yourself. Be you. Your key messaging needs to be consistent. There is nothing worse than meeting someone you have been following on Facebook for months to nd out they are nothing like their glamorous Facebook posts.


Stories are a great way to connect with a prospective market. Tell stories about your start up journey, challenges you face, wins you have, case studies of people you work with and anything else that gives people an insight into who you are, what you do and why you do it.


There are so many great businesses on Facebook to connect, or joint venture or put your brand in front of. Without being overly salesy, spend time connecting with others, answering questions, sharing tips, sharing stories and just generally making yourself part of the Facebook community. So when someone is looking for a business in your industry, you have built a name for yourself and are forefront of mind. These connections will refer you by tagging your business as they become brand advocates for your business. You will gain online social proof and credibility establishing your business as a front runner. Engage with other industry leaders by liking, sharing and commenting or promoting them. This will help establish you as a trustworthy, reputable brand which will open more doors for you.

I am extremely passionate about teaching business owners how to manage their Facebook themselves. To empower them with the skills and strategy to use Organic Facebook effectively, so they can save themselves heart ache, time and money, and reach business growth and success. None of us want to live on Facebook, and the GOOD NEWS is you don’t need to when you have the right roadmap.

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