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Imagine starting a New Year without a weight loss resolution! So much of our difficult relationship with food and eating comes from our childhood and societal programming and beliefs.

Eating is meant to be a simple, pleasurable process to nourish and energise our bodies, so we then can get on with dealing with Life, with all its ups and downs. Eating and food have sadly become a tangled mess with all aspects of our life so we end up creating health issues, more stress, negative self-image and self-talk and limiting our choices on a daily basis. In other words, overeating is a slow suicide.

Dieting isn’t the solution, not a lasting one anyway, which is why the weight loss industry is worth billions and growing (pun intended). There are also numerous ‘magic pills’ and potions designed to lock you into taking products for the rest of your life, which is seriously giving your personal power away. It also continues to interfere with reconnecting to your own gut, heart and head wisdom.

We’ve been conditioned to believe dieting is a necessary evil, after all, they are about short- term deprivation. Something to be endured – who hasn’t counted down the days until it is over? Your whole focus is on food, what you can and can’t eat, rather than on living your life.

Dieting doesn’t deal with the real issues, the reasons you overate or drank in the first place, which is why the results generally don’t last and you get into that dreadful yo-yo cycle. Your self-esteem suffers in the process. We instinctively fight against the restrictions, and our little inner rebel can surface, binge, and put you back to Square One, or worse.

Every body is unique with its own individual needs, which is another reason one-size-fits-all diets don’t work. Like one-size-fits-all clothes, perfect for some bodies, not for most.
There are many reasons why you might be carrying extra fat storage on your body. It could be poor eating and exercise habits carried on from childhood. For some, the process of over- eating and the resulting excess fat storage can give the illusion of security, a literal protective padding from physical abuse, a veneer of unattractiveness to ward of sexual predation, or physically taking up more space as a way of not being ignored. These can then become embedded in your unconscious blueprint, your internal self-images, and form your sense of identity.

As well, think about how some foods are now labelled ‘good’ and ‘bad’, yet we learn we have to force-feed ourselves ‘good’ food to be rewarded with some ‘good-bad’ i.e. Finish all your veggies so you can have dessert.

‘Bad’ foods are celebratory. Think of birthday chocolates and Christmas/Easter choc-fests. And just think how ‘good’ has become ‘bad’ has become ‘good’ again over the years, eggs for example. There are so many confusing fads and conflicting research, no wonder we get stressed and reach for a handful of comfort.

The answer to ditching dieting for life is to firstly understand why you are eating food when you are actually hungry for something else (security, comfort, movement, rest, start or stop). When you only eat when you are hungry for food, listening to your body’s own gut wisdom, and stopping when you are no longer hungry, it’s easier to reach and maintain your Goldilocks (just right for you) body. You have so much more time for enjoying Life. Yes, you’ll need help shifting and clearing the head trash and emotional burdens that accompanied your overeating, but once gone you are free. No more dieting, ever.

For now, understand that self-talk is self- programming, so you can put your self-talk to good use when it comes to reconnecting with your inner self and reaching your healthy body size. Here are three ideas you can implement right now.

  1. Next time you start thinking of eating, check in with yourself. “Am I really hungry for food? Or something else?” If you are genuinely hungry for food, then eat whatever gives your body pleasure and nourishment just until you stop being hungry. That is before feeling ‘full’, so eat slowly, savouring your food, so you have a chance of noticing when you are no longer hungry. This way of eating increases your pleasure. Feeling full is an uncomfortable feeling which negates the pleasure. ate.
  2. Perhaps you are actually thirsty, in which case drink water. Or perhaps you are hungry for love, security, action, starting or stopping, rest, reassurance or emotional release? Eating food to stuff the emotions down, instead of fulfilling those needs, will keep those negative emotions locked in your fat cells, to be released and dealt with later. So, decide if it’s best to be brave and sort it out now, or lug it around on your body for later. It’s perfectly okay and sensible to seek expert help to clear emotional pain and programming from your past.
  3. Play a game next time you eat out or plan your meals at home. Ask yourself, “What would a slim, healthy person choose?” and look for that. Don’t be surprised if you see items at your local café you’ve never noticed before. If you think of yourself as overweight, fat or plump then you will choose foods that re-enforce that identity, and block out the rest. (Note: updating your unconscious blueprint, that is, your internal image of yourself, to one that is a slim and healthy version of you, is a fast, empowering way to support your desires. See my book, “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious BlueprintTM”)

If you’d like to reconnect with your own gut wisdom, regain your Goldilocks (just right for you) body for life, without dieting, pills or potions, then the mBraining Innergetics programme is worth checking out.

Take the quiz to see for yourself, https://mailchi.mp/growingcontent/quiz or ask me direct. I personally shed 12 kgs while studying the programme coaching certification, and I just love having wriggle-room in my jeans!

Sue Lester works with individuals, teams and audiences across the world, creating lasting behavioural change through mindset shifts and unconscious blueprint optimization, aka ‘clearing head trash’.

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