With Anne Aleckson – 

It’s a new year and you’ve got big dreams for your life and your business.

You’re excited by the possibilities and you’ve started strong on January 1st.

Perhaps by now your energy has dwindled, your enthusiasm is waning and you’ve started to feel a little at.

You’ve had these dreams and aspirations before so what’s to say you won’t once again spend the year in procrastination, indecision and being held back by your fears, distracting yourself with old habits and excuses.

We know statistically that by now 95% of people have given up on their New Year dreams, but that doesn’t have to be you!

You are a woman with a purpose, you want to change the world and you can hear the voice of your inner self, calling you forward… into sacred service and soulful leadership.

Hey, I’ve been there myself. Getting excited and making plans to be seen, be heard and be paid.

I’ve spent much of the past 10 years on this roller-coaster journey of excitement and fear, doubting my work, and myself resulting in not taking action to achieve my dreams.

What those times have taught me is that achieving your dreams is possible and it’s doable… when you follow a map designed by your authentic self, driven by your purpose and your creative power.

This is the path that I eventually found through all the strategy, must-do’s, should do’s and real world ‘normal’ ways of success.

I had to first face the fact that I’m not normal. I am a weird, intuitive, spiritually gifted and woo-woo woman who KNOWS her purpose, channels spiritual teachings and can see into your soul.

People like you and I cannot follow what has been before, we must forge our own path, march to the beat of our own drum and take the road less travelled.

These are the daily habits that I practice to answer the calling of my soul and step into success whilst gently bypassing the fears; of success; of failure; of not being enough; of being too much; and the distraction of procrastination, shiny object syndrome and uncertainty of what and how and why.

These three simple daily practices will help you to nd your very own, unique path to success.

You are a soul having a human experience and that part of you that is your awakened authentic self has a purpose here on earth. It knows exactly what you are here to do, how you will do it and can guide you every step of the way through your intuition.

Do This – Upon waking each morning greet your soul self with a happy ‘Good Morning’. Then simply ask a question such as ‘what would you have me know today’, ‘what adventures will we get up to today’ or ‘let me hear your voice today’.
Remember that the voice of your soul often shows up as an intuitive hit or gut instinct. It’s very rare to hear it as an actual voice speaking to you.
If you want to shortcut this process you can ask me to channel your souls voice for you to help you find your purpose and path as well as activate your spiritual gifts.

You’ve spent some time creating a vision board essentially asking for what you desire this year, now use this daily habit to power up your asking.
Note that moving forward I’ll use the term ‘Universe’ to describe any of the many names for the energy that creates all things.
Do This – Grab your journal and write a note to the Universe thanking it for all that you have received the day before.

Next, brain-dump all the things you are worried about today ie. Paying a bill, serving a client in session etc.
Then, ASK for what you need today. Using the ‘paying a bill’ worry you might write ‘today, I need you to pay this bill’ giving all the details of the bill. Write a Universe To-Do list of 3-5 items. Include items from your vision board as desired.

Finally, journal and answer this question ‘What would stop me from receiving this today?’ This question will allow you to see the blocks and barriers you have to receiving what you desire. Then do the inner work to release those beliefs, thoughts and wounds that keep success just out of your reach.
Use whatever healing modality you know will help you or connect with me to find out about the unique energy healing work that channels through me and the quick and simple Core Wound Release work that I share with clients.

Everything is energy, including you and your physically manifested form (your body). All energy vibrates and through its frequency attracts to it that which is a vibrational match.

Do This – Create a strong container for the Universe to deliver your desires into by cleaning up everything in your life that does not match the kind of life you want.

Plug up all the holes where the energy leaks out. These holes are the things that you are ‘putting up with’ in your life, such as…
1. Clutter: What needs to be de-cluttered in your environment, your relationships etc. eg. If your desired future life includes a clean, clutter free home then release the clutter today.

2. Relationship to Self: Where are you lacking in self-love. What are you trusting above your self and your inner guidance. Plug up this hole by learning to love yourself and to implicitly trust your intuition and inner voice.

3. Action: Are you taking action on the guidance that you receive? Today, take the physical real world action that you need to take in order to create your success. The Universe needs to know that when it delivers what you asked for, you will take action on it.

Here’s to your Sacred Soul Success!

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